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The Import Substitution Program (ISP) was created to convince and facilitate importing companies to produce or source more domestically. Customized versions of ISP are available for U.S. manufacturing companies, technology suppliers, trade associations, Economic Development Organizations (EDOs), and Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEPs). Consistent use of the program would increase domestic manufacturing by about 10%.

The ISP identifies and qualifies major importers and helps you convince them to source or produce domestically instead. The ISP is a unique tool that can become an important part of any sales, marketing or economic development effort.

Five versions of ISP are available

To get started, identify which version applies to you, then download and complete the ISP Input Data Form. (You can also view a filled out Example form.) Your completed form will enable us to identify your relevant importers.

Manufacturing Companies The ISP creates opportunities for U.S. suppliers to compete vs. imported products and thus reshore. The ISP identifies and qualifies major importers of products you produce or can produce competitively and helps you to convince the importers to reshore and buy from you instead. ISP is a unique tool that can become an important part of your sales and marketing effort. Instead of competing with other local companies for domestic work, open new opportunities with no local competition. Much easier than exporting.

Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) The ISP enables economic development professionals to replace imports with local production by helping local companies decide to reshore and foreign companies decide to do FDI in their region. ISP is a unique tool that can make your region economically stronger and your organization a nationally recognized innovator.

Trade Associations The ISP is an integrated package to help your members convince importers to reshore and buy from them. Great opportunity for the association to be seen actively enabling U.S. manufacturing.

Technology Suppliers The ISP creates opportunities to sell more equipment/technology to OEMs and contract manufacturers. First, identify the largest importers of the products that can be produced competitively domestically using your technology. Then contact the importers and offer two options:

  • The importer buys equipment and produces in the U.S., or

  • You will introduce the best contract manufacturers to produce the products here.
Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEPs) The ISP enables MEP professionals to accelerate reshoring and FDI in their regions. Use ISP to help larger manufacturers decide to produce or source locally and SME manufacturers to compete against imports and generate work by replacing imports with local production. If the domestic total cost is not quite low enough the MEP can provide consulting on lean, workforce training, automation, etc. to close the gap. ISP provides an excellent means for MEPs to succeed by connecting SMEs and larger companies.