The Reshoring Initiative provides a variety of consulting services:

  • Access to the 7,000+ Article Reshoring Library database. For each of thousands of listed companies, the database records up to 100 data points. Excellent source for market and academic research.
  • Help companies considering offshoring or reshoring to consider all of the relevant cost and risk factors.
  • Advice for retailers and brands on how to optimize the benefits of a Made-in-USA label.
  • Advice for contract manufacturers on promoting readiness to help customers reshore.
  • Our standard services:
    • SCG (Supply Chain Gaps) program: Identifies products with high imports and no domestic sources. U.S. companies fill the gaps or EDOs (economic development organizations) convince the foreign suppliers to do so here via FDI.

    • SBS (Selling and Buying Smarter) program: Helps OEMs implement TCO and refine their plant siting and product sourcing strategies.