The Reshoring Initiative® not only provides tools and information to help manufacturers make better sourcing decisions, but also programs to help economic development organizations, trade associations, manufacturing companies, Manufacturing Extension Partnerships, universities, and community colleges bring offshored work to their region or industry and develop a stronger skilled workforce. Click on the programs below to learn more.

Import Substitution Program

The Import Substitution Program (ISP) is an integrated package to help you replace imports with local production in your region or customer base. Use ISP to help U.S. companies decide to reshore and foreign companies decide to do FDI (foreign direct investment).

Supply Chain Gap Program

The Supply Chain Gaps Program identifies a list of targeted supply chain gaps and product categories that have no or minimal domestic production, and large volume of imports.

Economic Development

Our Economic Development Program is high impact with minimal cost. It combines resources from the Reshoring Initiative and Datamyne, a top-ranked provider of U.S. import data, to identify opportunities for products that could be economically reshored, and helps educate importers on the benefits of doing so. We are currently implementing this program with several states, and believe that it is the most cost-effective economic development program.

Skilled Workforce

Our Skilled Workforce Development Program is designed to help communities motivate a higher quantity and quality of manufacturing skilled workforce recruits. We do this by raising awareness of the realities of choosing careers in manufacturing today, including the importance of training, the revitalization of manufacturing, and opportunities for prestigious and financially rewarding careers.

We recommend that anyone considering career paths watch the video, "Success in the New Economy", a clear presentation showing the advantages of skilled training compared to a university degree:

You can also download our powerpoint presentation: Skilled Workforce PowerPoint .