The Reshoring Initiative website provides several resources to help educate and facilitate reshoring efforts among U.S. manufacturers.

Recent Data

Read and download recent data and information on reshoring trends.


Learn more about the various programs the Reshoring Initiative offers to help organizations bring back offshored work and develop a stronger skilled workforce, including:
  • Import Substitution Program (ISP) Used to convince and facilitate importing companies to produce or source more domestically. Customized versions of ISP are available for U.S. manufacturing companies, technology suppliers, trade associations, Economic Development Organizations (EDOs), and Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEPs). Consistent use of the program would increase domestic manufacturing by about 10%.

  • Supply Chain Gap Program The Reshoring Initiative® (RI) has developed a list of targeted supply chain gaps and product categories that have no or minimal domestic production, and large volume of imports.

  • Economic Development Program This program is high impact with minimal cost. It gives groups specific actions they can implement in their communities that will help identify opportunities for work that can be reshored, educate importing companies about the benefits of reshoring, and close any cost gaps that may prevent work from being reshored.

  • Skilled Workforce Program Our Skilled Workforce Development Program is designed to help communities motivate a higher quantity and quality of manufacturing skilled workforce recruits. We do this by raising awareness of the realities of choosing careers in manufacturing today, including the importance of training, the revitalization of manufacturing, and opportunities for prestigious and financially rewarding careers.


Download a sample Powerpoint presentation with information about reshoring and Total Cost of Ownership.

Webinars, Podcasts and Videos

Find links to webinars, podcasts and videos that members of the Reshoring Initiative team have presented about reshoring and Total Cost of Ownership to various groups and organizations.

Custom Reports

Our team compiles, stores and makes available on request a broad range of useful reshoring trend data. This data is searchable by industry, company, country, state, reasons and number of jobs. It is available to manufacturers, economic developers, associations, universities and other organizations.

Resources for Retail Suppliers

Utilize the direct contacts provided within each of the nine steps for retailers to reshore more Made in USA products.