Become a Volunteer and Help to Accelerate Reshoring

Reshoring made great progress in 2016. We hope you will volunteer to help accelerate the trend and bring more jobs back to the U.S.!

The combined reshoring and related FDI trends increased in 2016, adding 77,000 jobs, bringing the total number of manufacturing jobs brought from offshore to over 338,000 since the manufacturing employment low of 2010. In comparison, in 2000-2007 the United States lost net about 200,000 manufacturing jobs per year to offshoring.

Reshoring and FDI together were up over 10% in 2016, with much of the increase coming at the end of the year. We want to build on this momentum. That’s where you come in. Volunteers have been a tremendous resource for the Reshoring Initiative® and we need your help now more than ever!

Why volunteer?

  • To take an active role in accelerating the return of jobs to the U.S.
  • As an opportunity to contact companies that interest you for eventual employment or sales.
  • For personal or company recognition on the Reshoring Initiative website and eNewsletter, while gaining valuable experience for your resume.
  • Who should become a volunteer?

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    What does it take to become a volunteer?

  • A willingness to provide either:
    • For ongoing responsibilities, an average of at least 2 hours/week or

    • For one-time projects, at least 10 hours

    Here are some examples of past volunteer projects:

  • Analyzing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) data
  • Helping develop an automated data-analytics system
  • Entering cases into the Library
  • Speaking on reshoring
  • We are open to your suggestions of responsibilities or projects that fit your skills and interests, however, here are some suggestions:

    Ongoing Responsibilities:

    1. Review Canadian media for reshoring and FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) cases. Insert data in the Reshoring Library. Ideally would include French language media in Quebec.

    2. Review Mexican media for reshoring and FDI cases. Insert data in the Reshoring Library. Would require Spanish language skill.

    3. Identify reshoring cases in your industry.

    4. Identify companies that the Initiative could help decide to reshore or not offshore.

    5. Draft the 6X/year Reshoring eNewsletter.

    6. Help with entering articles into the main library/database

    7. Seek companies or trade associations to sponsor the Reshoring Initiative, e.g. companies that advertise Made in USA.


    1. Assist in the automation of the Reshoring data. Requires advanced Excel skills or willingness to apply analytical softwares such as Filemaker, Stata, or Access.

    2. Analyze the TCO user database. Requires advanced Excel skills.

    3. Write articles on reshoring cases in your industry or community.

    4. Speak to local groups re reshoring. For example, chapters of SME, NTMA, PMA, ISM, and local EDO’s.


    Meeting our goal to help your community and the country bring back more jobs requires your help. Let’s get going! We hope you will volunteer today.

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