Members of the Reshoring Initiative® team have presented information about reshoring and Total Cost of Ownership to many groups and organizations. Presentations can be tailored to the specific interests of each audience, including customized reports from our reshoring database. If you would like to have a member of our team speak at an upcoming event or meeting in your area, please contact us.

Below is a brief description of our typical presentation:

To Offshore or Reshore? How to Objectively Decide

The increasing advantages of producing near the customer have driven companies to bring approximately 250,000 manufacturing jobs to the U.S. from offshore since January 2010. The inflow of jobs now roughly balances the outflow, but, based on the country’s $500 billion/year trade deficit, there are still about four million potentially recoverable jobs offshore. The reversal of the offshoring trend is driven by rapidly rising Chinese wages and by companies realizing that producing in or near the market has balance sheet, risk and strategic benefits that often outweigh higher wage rates.

Learn how and why to use the free Initiative tools and data:

  • TCO Estimator to quantify the onshore advantages
  • How to apply the tools for own sourcing and siting and for competing with imports,
  • Reshoring Library for seeking customers and competitors that are reshoring
  • How to recruit the skilled workforce needed to make reshoring feasible
  • Size of similar trends in other countries
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