Purpose: Identify and fill U.S. supply chain gaps

Description: Reshoring Initiative (RI) has developed a list of targeted supply chain gaps, product categories that meet the following criteria:

  • No or minimal domestic production

  • Large volume of imports


1. Manufacturer or EDO identifies broad product categories of interest, focusing on:

  • EDO: Large usage in the region. Good fit with local skills.

  • Manufacturer: Good match to technical competence and industry served.

  • Significant domestic assembly of downstream products that require the product.

  • Likelihood that more domestic assembly would occur if the gaps were filled.

  • Chinese imports because companies are finding new sources for such due to the tariffs and Chinese wage increases.

2. RI provides list of product gaps in identified categories.

3. Manufacturer or EDO picks five products from the list.

4. RI provides for each product picked:

  • Annual import volume

  • Largest importers

  • Largest foreign suppliers

5. Manufacturer decides which products to start producing.

6. EDO seeks domestic firms or one of the identified foreign suppliers to become the only or first domestic source by opening a local factory to produce the products and fill the gap.

7. Reshoring Initiative provides training on the TCO Estimator to quantify which products will be most competitive domestically manufactured vs. imports.

Background: Decades ago, the U.S. was almost 100% self-sufficient. Manufacturing hollowed out due to offshoring. Steve Jobs and Tim Cook have both said that Apple does not assemble product in the U.S. because so many components are not available here.

Availability: Supply Chain Gaps Program access can be obtained two ways:
  • On its own, or

How to proceed: Contact:

Harry Moser


Reshoring Initiative