Welcome to our Library of Related Categories, which includes articles on the following topics that are related to reshoring, but generally do not include actual cases of reshoring.

Consumer Preference - Reshoring is driven in part by consumer demand for Made in USA products. Companies need to know all the influences that drive consumers’ purchasing choices. Find out more here.

Economic Impacts - Corporate sourcing decisions impact the national economy. When companies offshore manufacturing, it hurts the U.S. economy by increasing the trade deficit, reducing jobs, and eroding R&D, supply chain, infrastructure and overall competitiveness. Find out more here.

Green - Reshoring is based on the universal logic of localization, or producing near the consumer. Reshoring to the U.S. benefits the world environment since U.S. electricity and industrial production are less polluting than in developing countries and a huge amount of shipping is avoided. In addition to cost savings, reshoring can translate to a cleaner environment and improved public opinion. Find out more here.

How to Reshore - If Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis dictates that your company should reshore, you will need to proceed with knowledge and caution. These articles point to steps and resources to help make the transition go smoothly. Find out more here.

Reshoring Surveys - These articles and surveys show both the broad and specific trends in Reshoring. Find out more here.

Risks of Offshoring - Many of the risks of offshoring are overlooked when too much focus is put on Price and Labor. These articles demonstrate how these risks can translate into huge costs – costs that can be mitigated by sourcing in the US. Find out more here.

Skilled Workforce - Lack of a skilled workforce is one of the greatest barriers to reshoring. This page follows the obstacles and progress of the issue. Find out more here.