Back Office Reshoring Research Project

The Reshoring Initiative and Intellilink have joined forces to conduct a research project to confirm the value proposition of reshoring back office processes by using local US based staff and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software.

The firms project: much higher productivity; a 50% cost savings vs. offshore outsourcing; and the potential for the U.S. to bring back up to one million BOP (Back Office Processing) jobs even at the higher productivity levels.

Project Details

We are seeking a suitable company wishing to participate in the study. The company will work with Intellilink to reshore a back office process from an offshore provider. Many process areas are suitable and could include activities within: finance & accounting, human resources or information technology.

Intellilink is undertaking the study to confirm and document the value proposition of reshoring back office processing work to the United States using local resources and cutting edge robotic software. The results of the research project will be made public.

Value Proposition

The participating company will not only save cost during the project but it will also be an active partner in demonstrating the value of reshoring work back to the United States. Intellilink will provide a free RPA software robot from a leading software vendor on a trial basis and the Reshoring Initiative has also secured Intellilink's commitment of heavily discounted ($50 per hour) US based consultants to run the project.

The research project aims to confirm that one software robot (normally $15,000 per annum) and one local client employee ($60,000 per annum approx.) are capable of undertaking the work of five offshore resources ($150,000 per annum approx.). The following table compares the estimated costs for outsourcing offshore versus reshoring using RPA and also the value of the offer being presented. Note the estimated 50+% savings vs. offshore outsourcing during both rollout and ongoing and the 50% savings vs. standard RPA roll-out cost.


  1. Assumed annual cost of four local inhouse resources doing work without RPA.
  2. Assumed annual cost of five offshore resources (25% more resources than local for same amount of work completed).
  3. Assumed annual cost of one local US based resource.
  4. Annual cost of one RPA software robot license.
  5. Estimated one time consulting services cost to deploy a software robot. Actual cost will depend on process complexity.
  6. Zero cost of trial RPA software license for duration of research project.
  7. Discounted estimated one time consulting services cost for this offer. Actual cost will depend on process complexity.

Action Requested

Interested companies are requested to fill in the form here to register their interest in participating and to learn more about this opportunity. As an initial step, a confidential discussion will be arranged between interested companies, Intellilink and the Reshoring Initiative to confirm the parameters of the project.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software RPA software enables organizations to automate complex business processes. Organizations can use RPA to bring the "robotic" work back onshore while employing local staff for more complex value added tasks. The result is a lower cost but higher quality solution than offshoring.

About The Reshoring Initiative

A 50-year manufacturing industry veteran and retired President of GF AgieCharmilles, Harry Moser founded the Reshoring Initiative to move lost jobs back to the U.S. For his efforts with the Reshoring Initiative, he was named to Industry Week magazine’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame in 2010. Additional information on the Reshoring Initiative is available at The Initiative's many sponsoring associations and companies are also acknowledged on the site.

About Intellilink

Intellilink ( is a global management consulting firm that improves the productivity of knowledge worker organizations. The firm offers a unique combination of management consulting expertise, industry experience and a virtual delivery capability to help organizations improve process automation and operational efficiency.