March 31, 2016

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2015 Reshoring Data in Time for Primaries Debate on Trade
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Trade Sanctions vs. Innovation and Skilled Workforce
The primaries are boiling up a national debate on key issues that affect reshoring. Articles in The New Yorker, Forbes and other notable publications are reconsidering the causes and effects of offshoring on the U.S. economy, through the lenses of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the primaries. In Forbes, Steve Denning suggests that the loss of innovation from offshoring is our biggest problem, and proposes the adoption of a new, agile business model that addresses the need to restore corporate and U.S. competitiveness by making things on U.S. soil.

Is Donald Trump Wrong About Manufacturing Jobs and China?
In “Why Donald Trump Is Wrong About Manufacturing Jobs and China,” Jeffrey Rothfeder emphasizes the fact that U.S. manufacturing has already reversed its decline, but he steers away from aggressive actions to change the terms of trade — a process the Reshoring Initiative believes is necessary to balance the trade deficit and further increase reshoring. However, he does highlight the need to invest in an appropriately skilled workforce as a highly effective means to support a necessary U.S. manufacturing base. On this topic, the Reshoring Initiative also emphasizes the need to encourage university-bound students to explore the option of pursuing a technical community college degree or apprenticeship. This career path often leads to better incomes, lower cost and higher job satisfaction — a concept clearly explained in the must-see video: Success in the New Economy.

As with all analysis, the devil is in the details. Further discussion on offshoring vs. U.S. manufacturing, including the need for MBA re-education, can be found on our blog.

The 2015 Reshoring Data Report Is Now Available
The report shows continued strong reshoring and foreign direct investment (FDI) and overall trends and breakdowns by industry, region and reasons. The National Center for Business Journalism has listed the Reshoring Initiative as one of the “Five Solid Places to Find Data for your Business Features.”

Walmart Announces the 2015 Open Call for Products That Support American Jobs
Americans want more U.S. made products and Walmart wants to help your company supply them. Find out more here, and register at

As the Primaries Continue, Follow Reshoring-Related Issues on Our Blog
In “It is primary season! Who is going to support Reshoring?

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+GF+ Machining Solutions Manufacturing Days
April 6, 7 and 8: At +GF+ Machining Solutions Manufacturing Days, Harry will discuss with students the advantages of manufacturing careers, including apprenticeships and certificate programs.
Global Supply Chain Leaders
June 21: Harry Moser will be leading a panel, “Reshoring (U.S.) and nearshoring (Mexico) vs. Asia and how to objectively decide,” at AMP at the Atlanta Motorsport Park. The Reshoring Initiative will offer free passes to the first ten readers who register. The passes are for 125 mph Kart Racing with High Performance Twin Turbo Cars and a 125 mph Kart racing experience. Email to get your passcode and don’t forget to mention the Reshoring Initiative. Register on event website.
D3: Dynamic Distribution Disruption Retail 2016 Summit
July 13-14: Consistent with our mission to help retailers supply U.S. made goods, we will be presenting at D3: Dynamic Distribution Disruption Retail 2016 Summit will include over 30 retailers that are creating supply chain networks that help differentiate their organizations. Other speakers include executives from The Home Depot, Walmart, Michael Kors, Google, and more. Find out more here.

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