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Walmart is having its 2016 US Manufacturing Summit on June 28th in Bentonville, AR. Until May 27, you can sign up to attend the Summit. You can also watch the live broadcast, the schedule for which can be found on the agenda page. Please note that the “Open Call” product proposal meetings are on-site only.

Walmart has committed to spend an additional $250 billion on Made in USA products over 10 years. This initiative has already added over 6000 jobs, making Walmart the single largest driving force in reshoring. Americans want more U.S. made products and Walmart is ready to help your company supply them. We encourage readers to take advantage of this great opportunity.


See full description by Michelle Gloeckler:

Bentonville, AR: Have a product you believe in that's ready for retail? Do you want to make a difference in your community and create jobs in the U.S.? You could be a few steps away from getting your item on the shelves of Walmart, the world's largest retailer. All it takes is a great item, a solid pitch and a trip to Arkansas.

For the third year, Walmart is opening its doors June 28 to more than 500 manufacturers and inventors during the company’s “Made in the USA” Open Call for products made, assembled or grown in the U.S. There are no hoops to jump through -- no phone calls or pre-pitch meetings. During the event, suppliers will meet with the company’s senior leaders and buyers at its world headquarters in Bentonville, Ark., to pitch their products for stores, clubs and Registration opened on March 15 at, and runs through May 27. It's all part of Walmart's 10-year commitment to purchase an additional $250 billon -- yes, billon -- in products that support American jobs. By working together with companies large and small, industry leaders, government and others, we’re helping to spark a revitalization of U.S.-based manufacturing, which will ultimately create more jobs in America.

As the leader of this initiative, I can tell you that the Open Call event has become a highlight. Every year, I get to meet with incredible entrepreneurs with passion for their products. I'm always inspired by the ideas, commitment and grit we hear and see in the pitch rooms. One of my favorite stories was a husband-and-wife team who came to us with a plate that holds tacos upright. It was a simple idea, but a great product. No more dumped tacos! We loved it and bought 1 million units on the spot.

Another great story: Dog Not Gone Visibility Products. A team of Maine entrepreneurs attended Open Call last summer and ran into Greg Foran, our Walmart U.S. president, in the lobby. (Their dog in the bright vest certainly attracted attention -- smart strategy.) They pitched him then and there and left Open Call with an order. Just last month, Dog Not Gone shipped its first 11 pallets of its orange safety vest for dogs to 200 Walmart stores around the country with the highest dog food sales.

The Open Call is about more than just entrepreneurs pitching products. One of Walmart’s goals for the event is for people to leave better informed than when they arrived. To help achieve this, we host a series of educational breakout sessions that will help you learn more about the Walmart customer and become better suppliers.

I hope to see you there.


Registration opens March 15 at

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