A US rare earths miner is staging a comeback to take on China

Date Published11/15/2020
Author NameMary Hui
Mentions specific company case(s) of reshoring, kept from offshoring, or transplantYes

Additional Reshoring Information:

Company/Division name MP Materials
Type of work Manufacturing
Reshoring category:Reshoring
Year reshoring announced:2020
Year reshoring implemented or to be implemented:2020
Capital investment ($):500
City reshored to:Mojave Desert
State(s) reshored to:CA
If relevant, work nearshored to:-
Industry(ies):Nonmetallic Mineral Products, Primary Metal Products (not including Foundries and Castings)
Product(s) reshoredrare earths
What non-domestic negative factors made offshoring less attractive?Strained offshore relationships, Supply chain interruption risk/Natural disaster risk/Political instability
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