January 11, 2017

January 2017 eNewsletter

Company Uses TCO Estimator to Save $60 Million Order

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Do you need help competing with lower priced imports?
One success story everyone should know about is the Morey Corporation, a contract manufacturer that was competing with a lower priced Chinese competitor for a large electronics build opportunity of $15+ million per year over 4 years. Morey used our Total Cost of Ownership Estimator® to quantify all of the costs and risks for offshore and domestic sourcing. Morey shared the analysis with its customer and saved the $60 million order.

This tool framed the costs and risks of both options and was a crucial piece to our winning strategy." - Tony Woodall, VP of Sales

Have you lost orders to lower priced imports? Use the free online TCO Estimator as a sales tool. Call on us for help. Follow more on TCO in Moser on Manufacturing.
New reshoring trends gel
Entire industries, states and communities are making big moves to return production to the U.S.
Potential success stories reported since the election
Many large companies such as Apple, Carrier, Foxconn, SoftBank and Quanta have announced plans to bring or keep thousands of jobs here, accelerating existing reshoring trends.
Trump focusing on U.S. manufacturing
Reshoring has enjoyed bipartisan support, with both Democrats and the GOP suggesting new policies to help U.S. manufacturing. President-Elect Trump’s stated policies have come under attack by many economists. We will keep you informed on what does and what does not seem to be working after the inauguration. In the meantime, here are some sources on what to expect from the Trump administration:

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Reshoring Initiative
Harry met with Wheaton College professor and students who are working on reshoring data analysis.
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Three Calls to Action

  1. Our next articles will be on the apparel and textile industry, and on reshoring related to green issues and renewable energy. If you have any good cases, please send them to us.
  2. We need to cultivate sources and connections to the new Trump administration to communicate our tools and policy recommendations. If you can help via appointees or Republican congressmen or senators, please email us.
  3. We need your help to continue the progress. Please consider sponsorship, making a tax-deductible donation to the Reshoring Initiative, or other actions that will help reshoring and the US economy.

Thanks to our readers, our sponsors, and all the companies that are using TCO. Happy New Year, everyone!
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