November 21, 2016

November 2016 eNewsletter

November 2016 E-News

Help make the New Year stronger for your family, your company and the U.S.

The median U.S. real household income has not risen for 25 years, and the American Dream of upward mobility has faded. Why such declining expectations? The answer is the offshoring of manufacturing jobs. After listening to all of the political campaigning, it is clear that the best way to make life better for most Americans is to add millions of well-paying, stable manufacturing jobs, and the best way to get those jobs is by more reshoring. President-elect Donald Trump has committed to bringing back U.S. manufacturing jobs. The government can help level the playing field, but companies, workers and all citizens have key roles as well.

Please do your part and act now. Make a financial contribution to the Reshoring Initiative and follow through on the other actions recommended below:

Individuals and companies: Make a Donation – Give a one-time tax-deductible donation of any size to help us maintain and expand our efforts.

Companies and associations: Become a Sponsor – Our tools help companies see that they will be more profitable by reshoring some products. We helped a contract manufacturer use our TCO Estimator to win a $60 million order vs. a lower priced Chinese competitor. Show your commitment to the industry and your customers by sponsoring the Reshoring Initiative today. Levels and benefits are described here. Sponsorships are our most important source of revenue, allowing us to achieve our major goals.

In addition to financial support, please review our list of opportunities for individuals and companies to support reshoring. If you believe these are important actions, please act now and share the link.

The Reshoring Initiative has been helping manufacturers bring work back to the United States for six years – since 2010 over 265,000 jobs have been brought back from offshore. We have also been working with state and federal governments, retailers and skilled workforce initiatives to help make America more competitive. You can find more about our accomplishments and goals here.

Now is the time to turn reshoring from a stream into a flood. We need to help Washington realize that if it provides a level playing field we will bring back millions of jobs. Our collective effort and actions will re-accelerate manufacturing and the U.S. economy!

Reshoring Initiative

We wish everyone a happy Holiday Season. Remember, there are ways for absolutely everyone to help.

With much gratitude,

Harry Moser,
Founder & President
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Millar Kelley,
Newsletter Editor & Research Analyst
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