A Reshoring Initiative Case Study:

Conveyorized Solutions



  • conveyors


Country from which reshored: China
Offshore: the work was in-house.
Factors which made offshoring less attractive: Delivery, Quality, Rework, Warranty, Emergency Air Freight, Travel Cost/Time or Local Onsite Audit, Communications, Green Considerations, Image/Brand (prefer U.S.), Freight Cost, Burden on Staff


Number of employee jobs reshored to make this product: 25
Reshored work is in-house.
Domestic factors which made the domestic alternative more attractive: Lean or other business process improvement techniques

Additional Background

Relevant Industries: Food and Beverage, Clothing and Textile, Paper, Printing, Plastics and Rubber Products, Machinery, Computer and Electronic Products, Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Components, Miscellaneous
Year Reshored: 2014
Total cost of ownership analysis was used in the reshoring decision.