Reshoring Initiative Tools and Resources for MEPs

Founded in 2010, the non-profit Reshoring Initiative’s Mission is to bring five million manufacturing jobs to the U.S. from offshore, balancing the goods trade deficit and increasing U.S. mfg. by 40%.

1. Results: The annual rate of jobs coming from offshore increased from 6,000 in 2010 to 180,000 in 2017. Cumulative jobs brought back represent about 5% of total 12/31/19 U.S. mfg. employment.

2. Method: We document, promote and enable the trend.
  • We have the only databases of Reshoring Data and Reshoring cases.
  • We also offer comparisons of U.S. vs. import price and TCO for hundreds of products across a range of industries.
  • We promote the trend via articles, presentations, social media, interviews
  • Our tools and resources are used by companies and EDOs to accelerate the trend.
  • We advocate to make the U.S. more competitive, to make it more profitable for companies to reshore.
  • EDOs and MEPs

    1. Reshoring Library: Lists of local companies that have reshored. Use as an example for those who have not.

    2. TCO Estimator: A free online software to help local companies decide to source and produce domestically and also to use to sell against imports. We helped one Illinois company win a $60 million order vs. a Chinese competitor using this tool.

    3. Import Substitution Program (ISP): Identifies major importers in your region. EDOs work with local SMEs using TCO to convince the importers to reshore and produce or source locally.

    4. Supply Chain Gaps Program: Identifies products with high national and regional imports and no domestic sources. Identifies offshore suppliers to target for FDI. Part of ISP.

    5. Website consulting: Help you develop your website to appeal to reshoring and FDI prospects.

    6. Media coverage: We could do an article on your region’s reshoring and FDI.

    7. Essentially: TCO is the sales tool vs. imports. ISP finds the best opportunities to use the sales tool. Supply Chain Gaps identifies opportunities for local or foreign companies to become the dominant or only U.S. source in a significant market niche. Media coverage promotes your successes.


    Harry Moser

    Founder & President




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