Has your company reshored?

The current count of cases of companies choosing U.S. production over offshore: over 6,400, as of March, 2024.

Every year we publish large portions of our data on manufacturing returning to North America, providing more accurate insights into the breadth and progress of the reshoring trend. We need your help to refine our database, which contains all companies, including OEM’s and suppliers, reported as having reshored, or engaged in new foreign direct investment (FDI).

Has your company reshored manufacturing from overseas back to the U.S.? If so, we would like to know about it. The Reshoring Initiative keeps track of all data involved in the reshoring trend, both through our Library of published articles and by talking to companies directly. To tell us about your reshoring experience, please download short questionnaire to be included in future reshoring trends report. Alternatively, give us a call, we are available to talk about anything reshoring related! (847) 867-1144.

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