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Updated July 6, 2016

The Reshoring Initiative (RI) is pleased to offer business, industry, and interested journalists a variety of data analyses from our library of reshoring data.

The Reshoring Initiative collects data on press- and company-reported cases in 3 categories: reshored manufacturing; foreign direct investment (FDI) in U.S. manufacturing operations; and American manufacturers who evaluated and decided to abstain from offshoring their operations or sourcing. Our library of data consists of 3,500+ unique articles, and covers the activities of more than 1350 manufacturing companies sorted into these 3 categories between 2007 and 2016.

RI reevaluates data quarterly (the most current is July 1, 2016), and can provide reports for specific questions you may have about, for example, your state, region, or industry of interest. Availability of comparative data is outlined below, and requests for specific two- or three-way comparisons will be considered on an individual basis:

Alt Text

The Reshoring Initiative also collects data from companies with experience or interest in reshoring, through our TCO estimator. From these data, we can provide statistical analyses of the distribution of user estimates of each of 30 actual risk and cost factors according to industry and country (our largest data sample is for China).

If you have a specific question regarding any of the above-mentioned factors (or of your own devising), please contact Audrey Farber at the Reshoring Initiative regarding a customized data analysis and/or summary to assist in your reporting. The Reshoring Initiative will be pleased to assist your reporting on reshoring in any way possible, so don't hesitate to contact us with data-related or other questions regarding reshoring.

Millar Kelley

Research Analyst, Consultant to the Reshoring Initiative

About the Reshoring Initiative

A 45-year manufacturing industry veteran and retired President of GF AgieCharmilles, Harry Moser founded the Reshoring Initiative to move lost jobs back to the U.S. For his efforts with the Reshoring Initiative, he was named to Industry Week magazine's Manufacturing Hall of Fame in 2010. Additional information on the Reshoring Initiative is available at


originally published November 11, 2014

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