Sponsorship Benefits for Trade Associations

The Reshoring Initiative® offers the following actions to benefit trade association sponsors:

  1. Identify and promote cases of reshoring by member companies and customers using members’ products (components, capital equipment, etc.) thereby documenting that the association’s U.S. members are competitive with offshore sources.
  2. Present at association meetings and shows.
  3. Participate in joint articles and webinars.
  4. Train member sales teams to help customers compare domestic to offshore Total Cost, resulting in more sales here.
  5. Present to members’ customers, e.g. at conferences.
  6. Identify customer companies that have heavily offshored. Work with members to educate the customers on the benefits of sourcing locally.
  7. Strengthen the associations’ image of commitment to North American manufacturing.
  8. Strengthen the association’s core market.
  9. Cooperate on skilled workforce recruitment.
  10. Provide the reshoring logic and methods to international members.
  11. Bring awareness to the benefits and strength of U.S. manufacturing to help build the U.S. workforce of tomorrow

“SPI has sponsored RI as a key program for strengthening our industry. Harry has been an excellent speaker at several plastics industry conferences and has also provided direct, effective support to SPI members.” Bill Carteaux, President & CEO, SPI - The Plastics Industry Trade Association

“Harry C. Moser was the Keynote speaker at the Haskins Steel Power Breakfast, part of the Smartmap Expo 2012, a major Pacific Northwest annual manufacturing networking trade show, located in Pasco, WA. Harry not only gave an outstanding presentation during the Power Breakfast, but also presented a Reshoring Workshop, attended a networking reception the evening before and the trade show itself, meeting one on one with exhibitors and attendees. The great thing about Harry, is that he goes above and beyond his speaker responsibilities, providing tremendous value to the event.”
– Gary A. White, producer, Smartmap Expo

"The Morey Corporation was in pursuit of a large electronics build opportunity - $15+ million per year over 4 years. In the process we needed to perform an offshore vs. onshore analysis. We used the TCO calculator from Harry Moser and the Reshoring Initiative. This tool framed the costs and risks of both options and was a crucial piece to our winning strategy."

- Tony Woodall, VP of Sales

Note: Actual benefits depend upon sponsorship level.