Sponsorship Benefits for Retailers

The Reshoring Initiative® offers the following actions to benefit retailer sponsors:

  1. Identify and promote cases of reshoring by the company, i.e. substituting domestic products for imports.
  2. Document the company’s efforts to offer an increased number of Made in USA products.
  3. Advise the company on how to promote and sell an increased number of Made in USA products.
  4. Provide our summary of 15 studies on consumer preference for Made in USA.
  5. Present at relevant meetings and shows.
  6. Participate in joint articles and webinars.
  7. Provide company suppliers access to our Resources for Retail Suppliers, to help them successfully produce in the USA.
  8. Train customer buyer teams to help suppliers compare domestic to offshore Total Cost, resulting in more competitive domestic pricing.
  9. Present to company suppliers, e.g. at conferences.
  10. Help strengthen the company’s image of commitment to North American economic stability.
  11. Strengthen the company’s core market via more jobs.
  12. Cooperate on skilled workforce recruitment, a key to economic development.
  13. Associate your brand with U.S. production and create an emotional connection with consumers.

*"The Morey Corporation was in pursuit of a large electronics build opportunity - $15+ million per year over 4 years. In the process we needed to perform an offshore vs. onshore analysis. We used the TCO calculator from Harry Moser and the Reshoring Initiative. This tool framed the costs and risks of both options and was a crucial piece to our winning strategy."

- Tony Woodall, VP of Sales “Harry, You did an excellent job in helping my members understand all the factors involved in the costs of doing business offshore and how to encourage OEMs to return their business to US manufacturers. I encourage everyone to review your TCO calculator. It is a great sales tool.”
– Daniel Twarog, President, NADCA

Note: Actual benefits depend upon sponsorship level.