Sponsorship Benefits for Companies

The Reshoring Initiative® offers the following actions to benefit corporate sponsors:

  1. Identify and promote cases of customers using your products as part of their reshoring and FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).
  2. Identify and promote cases of reshoring by your company.
  3. Joint articles and webinars.
  4. Train your sales team to help customers compare domestic to offshore Total Cost, resulting in more sales here. We helped a Chicago area contract manufacturer save a $60 million order* vs. lower priced Chinese imports by using our TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) software to make a more accurate comparison.
  5. Presentations to your customers. For example, I spoke to Mitsubishi Electric’s and GF Machining Solutions’ customers during IMTS 2014, at Gardner Business Media’s booth at NPE and often speak at sponsor open houses.
  6. Identify companies that are reshoring relevant production and should need more of your products.
  7. Strengthen the company’s image of commitment to North American manufacturing.
  8. Strengthen your core market.
  9. Use our tools in other countries. Reshoring is popular in markets from Canada to the Netherlands to Korea. Most of our sponsoring companies, mainly in the machine tool industry, have parent companies outside of N. America, as is the norm in the industry.

* "The Morey Corporation was in pursuit of a large electronics build opportunity - $15+ million per year over 4 years. In the process, we needed to perform an offshore vs. onshore analysis. We used the TCO calculator from Harry Moser and the Reshoring Initiative. This tool framed the costs and risks of both options and was a crucial piece to our winning strategy." - Tony Woodall, VP of Sales

Note: Actual benefits depend upon sponsorship level.

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