Webinars, Podcasts and Videos

Members of the Reshoring Initiative® team have presented information about reshoring and Total Cost of Ownership to many groups and organizations. Below are links and downloads to some of our videos. These resources can be used to highlight reshoring efforts and benefits to customers, students, staff, etc. If you would like to have a member of our team speak at an upcoming event or meeting in your area, please contact us.

Title Source Date Link
"Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative discusses how to bring more manufacturing back to America" Manufacturing Talks -Episode 91 2/19/24 Listen
How attacks in the Red Sea are cramping global trade; what it means for retailers - FOX 5 Atlanta Fox 5 Atlanta 2/9/24 Watch
How attacks in Red Sea are disrupting global trade Live Now Fox 12/22/23 Watch
The Acceleration of Reshoring- a 3 part Series --- Reshoring Podcast Part 1 Driving Forces and Successes TBM 11/1/23 Watch
Episode 804: Moser On Manufacturing – Fives Machining Systems Jacket Media 10/30/23 Listen
Reshoring Manufacturing: What it takes, and how it helps all industries Manufacturers Edge 10/12/23 Watch
Episode 798: Tool And Die Maker VS English Major – A Million Dollar Decision Jacket Media - Manufacturing Talk Radio 9/29/23 Listen
2023 National Metalworking Reshoring Award Presentation Metal Forming Magazine 9/28/23 Watch
Bath & Body Works among hundreds of companies pulling manufacturing out of China fox business 8/4/23 Watch
Episode 777: Total Cost Of Ownership Part 2: How the True Cost of Ownership Estimator Tool Saves Money for Manufacturers Jacket Media - Manufacturing Talk Radio 7/1/23 Listen
2023 Rural Progress Summit One Country Project .com 6/24/23 Watch
Weekly Wrap Up For May 26, 2023 - Moser on Manufacturing - Episode 768 Jacket Media - Manufacturing Talk Radio 5/26/23 Watch
Reshoring Jobs Hit All-Time High IEN 3/27/23 Watch
Making the Decision to Reshore, Nearshore or Do Nothing TBM 3/8/23 Watch
Supply Chain 2023 Outlook - VIDEO IMTS 3/7/23 Watch
Episode 743: Moser On Manufacturing – Reshoring For Contract Manufacturers - podcast Manufacturing Talk Radio 2/25/23 Listen
The pandemic caused Wisconsin manufacturers to shore up domestic supply chains - Podcast Wisconsin Public Radio 2/9/23 Listen
Moser On Manufacturing: Understanding True Cost Of Ownership - podcast Manufacturing Talk Radio 1/27/23 Listen
Companies Need to Transform Manufacturing While Reshoring - podcast IEN Radio 1/22/23 Watch
Smarter Sourcing Symposium Part 2 IMTS 12/15/22 Watch
Harry Moser Newsmaker Nov 21, 2022, radio interview WLEA 11/21/22 Listen
The Problem With Jon Stewart: Season 2, Episode 3 "GLOBALIZATION: MADE IN AMERICA The Problem With Jon Stewart, Apple TV 11/16/22 Watch
"Episode 718: Moser On Manufacturing for October 2022" Manufacturing Talk Radio 10/28/22 Listen
What can manufacturers do to reshore production? podcast Assembly Magazine 10/20/22 Listen
The Role of Automation and Productivity in Increasing U.S. Competitiveness IMTS Webcast 9/30/22 Watch
Episode 13: The Importance of Manufacturing Jobs - with Harry Moser Manufacturing Talk Radio 8/31/22 Watch
Episode 701: Moser On Manufacturing – Proposing a Goal for U.S. Manufacturing Success Manufacturing Talk Radio Podcast 8/25/22 Watch
Why manufacturing jobs are coming back to the US Fox News 8/24/22 Watch
Why manufacturing jobs are coming back to the US - HM interview Fox News 8/24/22 Watch
Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative Industrial Heating 8/19/22 Listen
Harry Moser's Testimony at the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission US Senate 8/15/22 Watch
Episode 685: Moser On Manufacturing – Trends In Reshoring - podcast Manufacturing Talk Radio 7/11/22 Listen
Episode 685: Moser On Manufacturing – Trends In Reshoring - podcast Manufacturing Talk Radio 7/2/22 Listen
Episode 693: Moser On Manufacturing – Trends In Reshoring - video podcast Manufacturing Talk Radio 6/30/22 Watch
Episode #101 – Interview with Harry Moser - podcast Acrelic Group 6/29/22 Watch
Episode 674: Supply Chain Disruption Underscores The Need To Reshore Now - Podcast Manufacturing Talk Radio 6/21/22 Watch
Resources to Drive Reshoring and Strengthen the Supply Chain - Webinar IMTS 6/14/22 Watch
Harry Moser: (EP 97) What is reshoring? Let’s learn it. - Podcast The Lean Effect 5/28/22 Listen
Using Total Cost of Ownership to Buy and Sell Castings Smarter - Webinar AFS 5/27/22 Watch
The Reshoring Decision Newton 5/25/22 Listen
The Impact of Reshoring on Different Manufacturing Segments Manufacturing Hub Network 5/17/22 Watch
Episode 653: We’re from the Government – We’re here to help you! Manufacturing Talk Radio 5/1/22 Watch
Buy American: Returning manufacturing Jobs Back Home - webinar For Our Future Michigan 4/22/22 Watch
Episode 645: Moser on Manufacturing - podcast Manufacturing Talk Radio 3/30/22 Listen
Podcast: Harry Moser, Founder & President of the Reshoring Initiative Tapecon 3/16/22 Watch
Podcast with Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative Industrial Heating 3/9/22 Listen
https://www.industrialheating.com/events/1232-how-to-help-your-customers-decide-to-reshore Industrial Heating 2/18/22 Watch
Reshoring Augmented Podcast 2/9/22 Listen
14. Harry Moser with The Reshoring Initiative Manufacturing Houston 2/8/22 Listen
The Turning Point Podcast with Harry Moser The Turning Point Podcast 2/3/22 Listen
EP 516 Reshoring of Manufacturing Jobs Poised to Surge 38 Percent This Year American Trends Podcast 1/12/22 Listen
Flex & Friends Discussion Flex Machine Tools 12/13/21 Watch
The Reshoring Challenge with Harry Moser - Part 1 of a 2 part series Manufacturing Talk Radio 11/30/21 Listen
Investment Exchange Forum – Supply Chain Issues CFA Society Chicago 11/26/21 Listen
To Reshore or Offshore? video with Harry Moser Supply Chain Brain 11/11/21 Watch
Tech Talk on Supply Chain Arizona Technology Council 11/11/21 Watch
Bright Machines: Factory Forward: Conversations about Transforming Manufacturing Bright Machines 10/26/21 Watch
Reshoring US Manufacturing Business - Harry Moser The Faces of Business 10/9/21 Listen
Reshoring US Manufacturing Business - Harry Moser - podcast The Faces of Business 10/9/21 Listen
National Metalworking Reshoring Award ceremony FABTECH 9/22/21 Watch
Full Potential Podcast - Season 4, Episode 27 - Harry Moser Full Potential Podcast 9/7/21 Listen
What is Reshoring and why is it important for retail? - podcast Retail Tech Podcast 8/17/21 Listen
What is Reshoring and why is it important for retail? - podcast Retail Tech Podcast 8/17/21 Listen
Reshoring US Manufacturing Business Faces of Business 7/27/21 Watch
Discussing Reshoring with Harry Moser Industrial Heating 7/8/21 Listen
Made In America - Where We Buy #182 JLL 7/5/21 Listen
Where e Buy #182 JLL 7/5/21 Watch
Consumer Guide Car Stuff Podcast, Episode 86: Reshoring American Jobs, 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L The Daily Drive 6/18/21 Listen
Fortifying Global Supply Chains: Resilience in a World of Disruption IBJ 6/18/21 Watch
Bring 5 Million Manufacturing Jobs Back to the U.S. w/ Harry Moser - Podcast The Manufacturing Executive 6/3/21 Listen
Made in the USA – Episode 6: The Way Forward Modern Machine Shop 5/27/21 Listen
Toward Resilient Supply Chains in a Post Shock Era (see second webinar on the page) IMTS 4/23/21 Watch
Reshoring Manufacturing Makes Cents, webinar Exit Your Way 3/24/21 Watch
Get work back to the U.S. from offshore Pharus Global 3/17/21 Watch
WBSP045: Grow Your Business Through Reshoring Initiatives w/ Harry Moser wbsRocks 3/8/21 Watch
Supply Chain Opportunities: Reshoring, Restructuring, and Nearshoring, podcast CMTC 2/8/21 Listen
The Challenges of Reshoring US Manufacturing, Part 2, podcast Make it Right 12/29/20 Listen
Episode 134: Part 2 – The Challenges & Opportunities of Reshoring US Manufacturing, podcast LUCID- Tongue and Groove 12/26/20 Listen
Episode 133: The Challenges & Opportunities of Reshoring U.S. Manufacturing, podcast LUCID 12/17/20 Watch
Boom and Bust: Interview with Harry Moser The News Forum 11/20/20 Watch
Rehoring and Repair - Interview with Harry Moser The Electrical Apparatus Show 10/26/20 Listen
2020 National Metalworking Reshoring Award IMTS Nestwork 9/15/20 Watch
A Conversation with Harry Moser, Reshoring Initiative IMTS Nestwork 9/15/20 Watch
Keeping Fashion close to home for better and lighter living - Webinar Ecocity/UNEP 8/12/20 Watch
Peak Globalization Series: Reshoring, Podcast with HARRY MOSER & RICH EXCELL, CFA CFA Society 8/10/20 Listen
The Importance of Reshoring Mold and Die Manufacturing - Webinar Modern Machine Shop 6/12/20 Watch
Reshoring Interview with Harry Moser Zethmayr 6/9/20 Watch
PPM - Reshoring Good Paying MFG Jobs - Interview Harry Moser Premier Machine Tool 5/22/20 Watch
Supply Chain Lessons from COVID-19: How to Get Started with TCO - Webinar Gardner 5/20/20 Watch
Reshore? Nearshore? In-House? Rebuilding Your Supply Chain for the Future - Webinar LeanCore 5/7/20 Watch
Episode 8 - The Show: An IMTS Digital Series - Interview with Harry Moser IMTS 2020 5/1/20 Watch
Episode 7 - The Show: An IMTS Digital Series - Interview with Harry Moser IMTS 2020 5/1/20 Watch
Episode 151: Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative offers his perspective, and also suggestions for bringing manufacturing back home (25:38). Fully Threaded Radio 4/18/20 Listen
Harry Moser on the COVID-19 Supply Chain Wake-Up Call, Reshoring, and Lean Lean Blog 4/16/20 Listen
Why Reshoring Might Be Right for Your Company - Interview with Harry Moser TanzAct Technologies Inc 4/15/20 Watch
How You Can Help Bring Manufacturing Back to the U.S., Interview with Harry Moser The Job Shop Show 4/10/20 Listen
All Axes: A Podcast From Mazak How reshoring can help us overcome supply chain disruptions Mazak 4/6/20 Listen
Robotics and reshoring: the future of shipping Financial Times 12/8/19 Watch
Reshoring American Jobs Comcast NBC 12/2/19 Watch
Are manufacturing jobs coming back to the US? PRI - The World 8/16/19 Listen
Harry Moser, Founder of the Reshoring Initiative: The 'Maker-to-User' Trend in the Time of Tariffs Metal Miner 1/29/19 Listen
The State of Manufacturing in America Right Now, with Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative Engineering.com 1/8/19 Watch
Trump hypes jobs relocating back to the US. Are they? PRI - The World 12/26/18 Listen
Revitalizing U.S.Manufacturing: House Manufacturing Caucus Briefing Archive 8/27/18 Watch
How to Apply Lean to Manufacturing Location Decisions with Harry Moser GEMBA Academy 2/22/18 Listen
My Coworker Is An Android: Understanding The Impact Of Workforce Automation NPR 2/16/17 Listen
Made In America: A FOX News Radio Special Fox News 7/4/15 Watch