July 26, 2016

August 2016 eNewsletter

IMTS 2016
Considering reshoring or offshoring? Selling against imports? Get help from the Reshoring Initiative at IMTS. Harry Moser will be at IMTS 2016 to help companies determine where to source and how to compete with imports. He will be on Center Stage in the main corridor between North and South Halls on Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30am, and several sessions at the GF Machining Solutions and United Grinding Booths. See Harry’s full IMTS schedule here.

New Projects

TCOE to add CSRE
The Reshoring Initiative is developing a Corporate Social Responsibility Estimator (CSRE) as an extension of our Total Cost of Ownership Estimator (TCOE). CSRE will measure corporate sourcing decisions’ impact on the domestic economy and on the world environment. Using TCOE and CSRE together, companies can identify the work for which reshoring will benefit the world, the country and the company. We are seeking sponsors and collaborators for this project. If you are interested, please contact us.
The Initiative is broadening its focus on retailers, who can choose to carry more domestic products. At the D3 Conference we presented to retailers and suppliers on how and why they should evaluate reshoring. We are also running a blog series on Apparel and Textiles to help promote reshoring in that industry. Our Consumer Preference for Made in USA study offers persuasive perspectives to retailers and suppliers.
Amazon’s Smile program
Amazon will donate to the Reshoring Initiative when you do your shopping through this Smile link, at no additional cost to you. Remember, bookmark and use the link so all your future purchases will help strengthen U.S. manufacturing!

amazon smile

In the News

Manufacturing continues to dominate U.S. politics, and the media is turning to the Initiative to find some perspective. Harry has recently been interviewed by a number of leading publications, including:
All publications quoting the Reshoring Initiative can be found at News.

On the International front, the Brexit vote offers a new angle on the benefits of localization vs. globalization. Consistent with apparent post-globalization trends, Korea has outlined reshoring plans that are much more aggressive than those proposed by the U.S.
Walmart continues to be the largest corporate driving force in reshoring. Find out more about Walmart’s 2016 Summit and their latest efforts to buy more Made in USA.

Reshoring Initiative

Joe Quinn, Walmart Senior Director, Public Affairs and Government Relations at the IEDC 2016 Economic Future Forum.

Recent Reshoring and FDI Announcements

Swiss Tech Precision USA - Adding seven jobs created directly as a result of their reshoring push. They have doubled production in less than a year and expect to do so again, largely through reshoring efforts of their U.S. customers.

Markers Row - Video: Matthew Burnett’s vision helps make U.S. manufacturing a community.

Union City - Video: How one town is transformed by reshoring success.

Detroit Bicycles - Reshored assembly of City Bikes, and full production for New Belgium bikes.

Cars.com - Buying a new car? Here’s some help finding the highest U.S. content vehicles.

Reshoring Initiative Resources


Mississippi Make it in America Summit, August 11, Mississippi State University, MS
Presenting a summary of a focused three-year reshoring campaign’s impact on Mississippi manufacturing.

IMTS 2016
, September 12-17, Chicago, IL

Visit Upcoming Presentations for a complete schedule of events. Contact us to have the Reshoring Initiative at your next event.

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