The Reshoring Initiative website provides several resources to help educate and facilitate reshoring efforts among U.S. manufacturers.

Case Studies

Learn about real-world success stories of companies that have already brought the manufacture of parts or products back to the U.S. from offshore.


Find links and downloads to webinars that members of the Reshoring Initiative team have presented about reshoring and Total Cost of Ownership.


Download a sample Powerpoint presentation with information about reshoring and Total Cost of Ownership.


Learn more about the various programs the Reshoring Initiative offers to help organizations bring back offshored work and develop a stronger skilled workforce.


Find links and downloads to videos and audio presentations the Reshoring Initiative team has presented to various groups and organizations.


Check out our list of companies who have reshored, and learn how you can add your company to our list.

Recent Data

Read and download recent data and information on reshoring trends.

Resources for Retail Suppliers

Utilize the direct contacts provided within each of the nine steps for retailers to reshore more Made in USA products.