September 5, 2018 Source: Company Week

CompanyWeek at five years: one takeaway above all others

Today the story of manufacturing is the opportunity to repatriate production of a sizable portion of $2.2 trillion in imports, much of which is the products of U.S. brands, brands that will make more things here if possible. It's not only possible, it's probable. Moser does the math:

"20 to 25 percent of the roughly $2.2 trillion in goods imported to the U.S. have a higher U.S. FOB price, but a lower total cost of ownership (price plus all logistics, risks and opportunity costs)," Moser says. "Just getting companies to do the total cost of ownership math correctly would result in a 20 percent increase in domestic manufacturing. Call it $400 billion in new goods produced here and two to three million new manufacturing jobs."


September 5, 2018
Source: Company Week