The Flow of U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Now Goes Both Ways

SourceHarvard Business Review Blog
Date Published12/30/2013
Author NameAndrew O'Connell

Additional Reshoring Information:

Company/Division name Whirlpool
Parent companyWhirlpool
Type of work Manufacturing
Reshoring category:Reshoring
Year reshoring announced:2013
Year reshoring implemented or to be implemented:2013
Country(ies) from which reshored:Mexico
City reshored to:Clyde
State(s) reshored to:OH
Industry(ies):Electrical Equipment/Appliances/Components
Product(s) reshoredwashing machiens
What non-domestic negative factors made offshoring less attractive?Freight cost
What domestic positive factors made reshoring more attractive?U.S. price of natural gas/chemicals/electricity
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