February 4, 2016

February 2016 eNewsletter

U.S. To Be #1 by 2020

At the end of last year, Boston Consulting Group’s report, Reshoring of Manufacturing to the U.S. Gains Momentum created quite a stir in the media, with even the Chinese media acknowledging "Chinese manufacturers losing cost advantages over US”. Industry Week’s “Top 10 Manufacturing Countries in 2020” discussed a study by Deloitte and the U.S Council on Competitiveness concluding that, “By 2020 the U.S will overtake China to earn the top spot for the most competitive nation in the world.”

Calls to Action

We know you believe in the benefit of reshoring. We encourage you to continue to participate as much as possible by reporting your reshoring experiences and by following our Calls to Action. If you have a friend/coworker/business partner who would also benefit from learning more about reshoring, consider having a conversation with him or her. Here are some topics to help start the conversation.

Retailers: You Can Do More Domestic Sourcing
So far, Walmart has made the greatest visible retail effort to shift towards more U.S. sourcing, committing to purchase an additional $250 billion of US products over the 10 years ending in 2023. We applaud Walmart’s efforts, but they can’t do it alone. The Reshoring Initiative calls on all retailers, big box and small, to reevaluate their product sourcing and determine which imports can cost effectively be replaced with domestic goods. Supporting American manufacturing = strengthening your customers’ buying power - Do the math. Start here.

Supply Chains: Filling One Gap Makes a Huge Impact
We are asking readers to identify supply chains with one or two important, small gaps. See The Game Changing Effect of Filling in Supply Chain Gaps, and contact Harry Moser with more examples. We will seek companies to fill those gaps.

Dear Tim Cook: The Reshoring Initiative Can Solve That Problem
In a recent 60 Minutes interview (see part 2) Tim Cook pointed to a lack of toolmakers as the barrier to reshoring production to the U.S. We believe bringing skilled workforce recruitment and training to the level of Germany and Switzerland is the highest priority to enable reshoring and FDI. Accordingly we have developed a series of Skilled Workforce programs to address the problem, providing high impact at minimal cost.

Any community, state, training institution or company that would like to implement any of these ideas, please contact info@reshorenow.org.

Vote for Reshoring
Your vote matters. Let the candidates know what you want. Follow the reshoring related issues on our blog: “It is primary season! Who is going to support Reshoring?

In the News

Things Looking Up in U.S. Chemical Industry
American Chemistry Council’s Year-End 2015 Chemical Industry Situation and Outlook reports that, due to shale gas, the United States is once again the preferred location for chemical industry investment. The document cites that over 255 new chemical production projects (valued at over $158 billion altogether) have been announced between 2010 and early December 2015.

Our Full 2015 Year-End Data Report Will Be Released in Early February
In the meantime, for details on recent findings that support reshoring, see: “Reshoring plus FDI remained strong in 2015.

Upcoming Events

The Economic Summit for the Capital Region of Northern California, hosted by the Coalition for a Prosperous America, will bring together national and regional leaders representing industry, business, and workers to identify problems and suggest solutions and strategies that will maintain and grow a manufacturing sector in California. February 19th, Sacramento, CA. Harry will present on the topic of reshoring.

See more Upcoming Presentations.

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Happy 2016! Let us know how else we can help!


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