December 14, 2015

December 2015 eNewsletter

Made in America Matters

In this issue we see the holidays highlight the value of reshoring; long supply chains cause problems; impending labor shortage in China; trade deficit widens; TPP falters; and Reshoring radio reaches audience of 15 million.

In the News

Long Supply Chains Lead to Overstocked Warehouses or Under-stocked Stores Draining Retail Profits and Frustrating Customers. Keep Holiday Shoppers Merry: Reshore!

Retailers and manufacturers can turn Grinches into loyal customers by improving product availability via shorter supply chains. The Global Out-of-Stock Crisis reports:

  • 75% of all U.S. adults have suffered from an unavailable product in-store in the last 12 months (63% online).
  • 33% of disappointed in-store shoppers blamed the retailer when a product was unavailable.
  • 58% of disappointed in-store shoppers became lost sales. Shoppers either bought from another retailer or did not buy at all.

Find out how Retailers are Losing $1.75 Trillion over Out-of-Stocks, Overstocks and Returns. The easiest solution is shorter lead times. Use the TCO Estimator and Cost Differential Frontier (CDF) to see how much more retailers can afford to pay for local, fast delivery products based on savings from lost orders and fewer write-downs.

Infographic Another Indicator Points to More Reshoring
“A labor shortage in China over the coming years will force scores of Western brands to remake their China operations or pack up and leave.”

Read more at the WSJ: “ End of Cheap Labor: As China’s Workforce Dwindles, the World Scrambles for Alternatives."

Angela Miles of BUSINESS FIRST AM Interviews Harry Moser at Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)
In response to Obama’s meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping, Harry discusses the lack of a focused U.S. national strategy to support manufacturing and reduce the trade deficit: “Bringing Jobs Back to America ”.

Red Flags Abound in Recent Trans-pacific Partnership (TPP) Analysis
More details shed light on the risks to come if TPP trade deal passes, including further loss of American jobs, lowered U.S. wages and pharmaceutical monopolies. Stay informed here.

Buying American Made Really Does Matter

According to ABC News, if every American family spent an additional $50 a year, it would create 150,000 U.S. jobs! Here are some resources to help you shop for U.S.-made goods:

For a helpful discussion on complying with FTC Made in USA regulations, see “Made in USA Claims: Three Cheers for The Said Right and True.”

Imports Fell in Both September And October At Each of the Three Biggest Seaports
"Trade elasticity is declining for several reasons: labor costs matter less as automation has increased, while China and other emerging markets have tried to balance their economies away from an investment-and-export led growth model to one driven more by domestic consumer demand. These trends mean economies will be taking care of their needs on their own and relying less on trade partners... A global economy that is less dependent on Americans importing stuff and the Chinese exporting stuff should be more stable in the long run."
– Fortune,  “Global Trade Slowdown: The Mystery of U.S. Ports"

Recent Events

Radio Media Tour – The morning of October 26, Harry had 15 interviews – six of which were for national broadcasts. As of November 3rd, the interviews have reached a radio audience of more than 15.5 million. Listen to Florida’s WOCA interview at Minerals Make Life.

ACCCI Presentations Highlight National and Corporate Benefits of Reshoring

Speakers Dan DiMicco (left), Chairman Emeritus of Nucor with
Harry Moser (right).

At the American Coke and Coal Chemicals Institute’s (ACCCI) annual meeting, Dan discussed why bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. is necessary for the country and what national steps need to be taken. Harry explained how individual companies can reevaluate their offshoring and decide to bring work back, in their own self-interest.

Thanks to all of the event coordinators
who have been sending us photos. We have begun posting them on facebook and Twitter.

Reshoring Initiative Resources
All readers are encouraged to use our free online data and tools and to contact us for help reevaluating domestic vs. offshore manufacturing.
Happy Holidays

We wish everyone a peaceful, productive, happy New Year!


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