August 21, 2015

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In support of Walmart’s Made in USA program, the Reshoring Initiative is pleased to announce a new webpage with a broad range of resources to help retail suppliers reshore more manufacturing. This page helps companies: identify products to reshore; improve cost competitiveness; find component suppliers, financing and retailers interested in Made in USA; and comply with FTC regulations. The new program provides direct, personal access to 35 manufacturing trade associations, companies, banks, U.S. Commerce Department offices and other groups. For more information, please visit Resources for Retail Suppliers or click a category below.

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**TPP – Important Call to Action**
The TPP is still in development stage, so there is still time for you to influence the outcome. We are calling on companies to identify imbalanced trade deals, e.g. where duties on U.S. exports to country A are higher than on U.S. imports from country A to the U.S. Let’s work together to bring these imbalances to the attention of U.S. leadership so that they may be included in ongoing negotiations. The 12 Trans Pacific Partnership countries include Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. Submit your reports here. We will forward your input directly to the TPP negotiators.

In the News

BCG Reports that U.S. Manufacturing Remains Competitive
“Despite a strong dollar, the U.S. retains a big manufacturing cost advantage over Europe, Japan, and other developed countries.” Read more here.

In Forbes, BCG’s Harald Sirkin quotes Reshoring Initiative data to highlight the most important news: more jobs are coming back than leaving. He reminds readers, “Why complicate our lives by manufacturing in Asia – especially goods intended for the North American and West European markets – when the savings amount to no more than a few pennies on the dollar? In contrast to a factory located half-a-world away in China, a factory in the United States, or in nearby Mexico, will produce far fewer management, quality and supply chain headaches.” See Reshoring Is More Than a Buzzword for the full article.

In Focus: Strengthening the U.S. Supply Chain
Many sectors have identified the supply chain as a central issue in enabling growth for U.S. manufacturing:

  • Government: The White House Supply Chain Innovation Roundtable took place on July 9th, with leadership from over 20 manufacturing and supplier companies committed to strengthening small manufacturers in their domestic supply chains. Be sure to check out the new plans to learn how you may benefit by following the link above.

  • Mining: Reshoring requires a reliable raw material supply. The U.S. mining industry has fallen from #1 to #7 in the world, and needs to catch up to fill gaps in the U.S. supply chain. Watch video for full discussion: Mining & Manufacturing: Harry Moser, Reshoring Initiative.

  • Investors: At the recent Manufacturing Growth and Investor Conference in Denver, Colorado, capital lenders such as Chase, First National Denver, Real Idea Partners, and others expressed enthusiasm for funding U.S. manufacturers, driven partly by the growing reshoring trend. In addition to plentiful investment opportunities, the dialog focused on the need to tighten supply chains, especially by filling skills gaps and increasing innovation. Several lenders, including US Bank and Bank of America, offer lending programs to support U.S. manufacturers. With rates low and competitiveness high, now is a great time to grow in the U.S.

  • Retailer: Walmart’s grant recipient improves job prospects. UTA Research Institute received $4 million to develop a robot that will assemble parts smaller than a thimble and will be scalable to various projects. Such robots fill a gap, especially in small motor assembly, which has been an obstacle in the U.S. supply chain.


2015 Walmart U.S. Manufacturing Summit:
Harry with Glenn Marshall and Bill Baker of AME, a sponsor of the Reshoring Initiative.

Walmart continues to accept product proposals at the Made in USA JUMP Program. See the tool ThomasNet has developed to help Walmart suppliers find U.S. manufacturers.

Radio Coverage - On July 4th, Fox news did a special report on Made in USA, during which Harry discusses reshoring.

“Industrial Internet”- Adrian Fortino writes in Tech Crunch that IoT and the Industrial Internet are driving the next industrial revolution. As “next-day” delivery of customized products produced in automated factories becomes feasible, sourcing half-way around the world via low-wage labor becomes uncompetitive.

Reshoring Initiative Resources
Thanks to all our supporters, and especially to our Sponsors - and special thanks to AWPA - we are proud to be posted, along with NIMS. Reshoring successes depend on your help. Please consider posting a link to the Reshoring Initiative and/or donating your time, talent or dollars. You can download our logo from our website. Contact us for more information on how you can help or how the Initiative can help you.

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