June 1, 2015

June 2015 eNewsletter

Reshoring Confronts Headwinds and Opportunities
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Strong U.S. Dollar and TPP Threaten Reshoring

As the dollar continues to rise, U.S. products become less price-competitive. The pending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement will probably further reduce our competitiveness. While TPP levels the playing field in some respects and gives the U.S. greater access to Asian markets, it will also make it easier for other countries to export to the U.S., thus negatively impacting domestic sourcing. “If TPP has equal percentage impacts on our imports and our exports, the result will be negative since our goods imports exceed our exports by about 40%," commented Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Initiative. A revised TPP that truly balances the playing field would be welcome.

See full TPP discussion here; more on the dollar here.

The Reshoring Initiative 2015 Reshoring Report Delivered News of Growth through 2014

The report was covered by over 40 publications last month. Thanks to all the companies for understanding their total cost – your efforts demonstrate the continued economic viability of reshoring.

The Reshoring Initiative presented at the U.K. National Manufacturing Debate and the U.K. Reshoring office.
See more on the UK’s reshoring potential.

We are Now Providing You with Customized Reshoring Infographics
See the press release for more info, and sample infographics on our blog.


Other Developments Continue to Strengthen U.S. Reshoring
- Walmart announced the 2015 “Made in the USA” Open Call and U.S. Manufacturing Summit. Registration to the summit is closed due to high demand, but you can still visit JUMP to find out how your company can participate in Walmart’s $250 Billion reshoring initiative.

- More efforts to fill the skills gap. This month’s highlight: Detroit, Michigan Economic Development Partnership Turns Vacant School Into Manufacturing Campus.

- FM Global has created an interactive supply chain resilience index that demonstrates how the U.S.’ and other countries’ resiliencies compare. High U.S. supply chain resilience favors reshoring.

- Breaking new ground in the medical industry: A stem cell and organ manufacturing facility is being built in Vermont, funded by foreign direct investment, which is projected to add 450 jobs.

- The innovative U.S. biotech industry, which makes things out of sugar, bacteria, mushrooms and other biologic material, is growing at 15%/year, and is fueling U.S. GDP. Let’s keep an eye on biotech to see how it adds competitiveness to U.S. manufacturing and creates more reshoring opportunities.

- Contract manufacturer MacroFab demonstrates that through greater automation in order processing, design and production, small batch manufacturing gets easier and more affordable. MacroFab is enabling entrepreneurs “to start and stay in the U.S. instead of moving to China just to bring their products to market.” See more at wired.com.

- Find out what’s new in Robotics in U.S. Manufacturing and how robots are adding jobs.

- It's a Grass Roots Movement – Pennsylvania and Mississippi continue programs to help motivate importers to produce and source more in the U.S. If you sell to companies in Mississippi or Pennsylvania, find out about opportunities to accelerate this effort here.

Reshoring Initiative Resources
Thanks to all our supporters, and especially to our sponsors. Reshoring successes depend on your help. Please consider posting a link to the Reshoring Initiative on your website, and/or donating your time, talent or dollars. Contact us for more information on how you can help or how the Initiative can help you.

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