Walmart continues support of American Job growth with textile innovation grants

Last week Walmart announced the winners of $3 million in grants in support of innovation in the textile industry. These grants offer additional impetus to Walmart’s 2013 commitment to support US manufacturing jobs by purchasing an additional $250 billion in American-made, grown, assembled and sourced products through 2023, which is estimated to help create one million jobs (based on data from Boston Consulting Group.)

Companies should keep an eye on the technologies being developed to be ready to apply the technologies to enable reshoring.

The latest grant recipients include:

Washington State University: to establish a sustainable process to recycle cotton waste by fiber regeneration using a wet spinning technique.

North Carolina State University: to create a universal and sustainable commercial textile dyeing method that doesn't use salt or alkali; doesn’t produce effluent; and produces more than 95 percent savings of both energy and water. • Clemson University: for development of sustainable polyester fibers that achieve a high level of water and oil repellency.

Oregon State University: to develop a sustainable, cost-effective dyeing and printing of smart fabrics process.

Texas Tech University: to support research on various aspects of textile manufacturing, dyeing efficiency and specialty finishes. • University of Massachusetts Lowell: to develop magnetic dyeing technology to address the technical and environmental issues of current dyeing techniques.

See the full announcement at Business Wire

and more on the grant recipients:

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